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    Jungle Dress: Google, Versace and Jennifer Lopez

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    What does it do to us Google on the catwalk of Versace? It celebrates the dress that gave life to one of the sections of its search engine, the one dedicated to the search for images. It was the year 2000 when Jennifer Lopez she showed up at the Grammy Awards wearing a colorful dress and little inclined to go unnoticed: then millions of queries were sent to the bigG service to find out more and to appreciate the details up close.

    The Mountain View engineers, aware that people wanted to see photographs of the Jungle Dress and not just a list of links, they were inspired to create Google Images.

    Jennifer Lopez and Versace bring Google to the catwalk

    In recent days, in the frame of the Fashion Week in Milan, the singer returned to the catwalk wearing a new version of the same dress, introduced by a presentation by the Google Assistant. Below you can see the event in streaming.

    The rooms of the location were decorated for the occasion with the help of technology Tilt Brush by bigG, a useful tool for creating paintings and art installations in three dimensions, using a virtual reality system.

    To attribute the responsibility of Google Images to Jennifer Lopez also Eric Schmidt, certainly not the latest arrival in the Mountain View group, with an interview dating back to 2015. In closing what we read on the official blog of bigG.

    No one had foreseen that the Jungle Dress would have such a technological impact, not even J. Lo. 18 years later, Google Images is used by millions of people every day, not only to search for photos of celebrities or clothing, but also to inspire them to redesign a living room, to create a recipe or to embark on a DIY project. at your place.

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