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    Google Maps: Live View and other news coming soon

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    During the first day of Google I / O 2021, new technologies were announced that take advantage of artificial intelligence. Google Maps has included AI functionality for several years and now the Mountain View company has unveiled two more new features: less hard braking and detailed road maps.

    New features for Google Maps

    Google has developed a technology that allows you to detect and prevent sudden braking and therefore possible accidents. When the user searches for directions to a destination, Maps calculates different routes considering various factors. With the latest update the fastest route is shown which minimizes the chances of hard braking. This is done by analyzing the data collected by the smartphone sensors (the measurement of deceleration) and the information coming from Android Auto.

    In addition to possible traffic jams, the search for the best route is also carried out considering any work in progress and the visibility conditions. For example, if frequent hard braking is detected along a road it is likely that there is too much sunlight at that time, so an alternative route is suggested.

    In August 2020 the detailed road maps that accurately show the width of the carriageway, sidewalks, crossings and pedestrian areas. By the end of the year, the functionality will be extended to 50 cities, thanks to satellite images that are interpreted by the AI ​​models.

    Live view allows you to view pedestrian directions on real images (augmented reality). The feature is now accessible directly from the map and provides other information, such as business opening hours, recent reviews and photos. The distance to the points of interest is also shown.

    Since last year it is possible to know if a place is too crowded. Now the information has been extended to an entire area, for example a neighborhood or a tourist area. This allows you to choose the right time for the visit, avoiding crowds.

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