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    Google Drive for Desktop: one client for everyone

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    At the moment there are two solutions offered by bigG for the file synchronization su Google Drive: the first is called Drive File Stream and was developed for business users, the second is called Backup and Synchronization and is instead intended for consumer users. Considering how some Workspace accounts are using both, to avoid the risk of creating confusion, the company announces a change: the two tools will be unified.

    In the coming months, we will be making some changes to the solutions we offer for accessing Google Drive files and keeping them in sync from your desktop.

    Google Drive for Desktop: One client for synchronization

    The Mountain View group underlines that no immediate change is expected, but at the same time suggesting to users to begin to become familiar with what will later be the tools available. A new client which will inherit the best features of both. Those who wish can immediately fill out a form and ask to be able to participate in the beta test phase.

    This will create a unique and powerful client for everyone who uses Drive, for business or personal purposes.

    On the occasion it is also announced that with the release of version 45 the Drive File System software becomes Google Drive for Desktop. Only the name changes, not the features. This will also call the unified client arriving within the year, while for the moment Backup and Synchronization will continue to be identified as always. We close with a table that compares the characteristics of the two tools available today, destined to merge.

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