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    Google Career Certificates: skills and outplacement

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    The pandemic risks creating a serious upheaval in many working sectors: the restart will inevitably be marked by layoffs, but also by repositioning opportunities thanks to the sectors that have been able / able to benefit more than others from what has happened in the last year. Google intends to put its hand to this context, in part to create opportunities around its brand, in part to draw on new talents and in part to build a virtuous training and placement platform. From here i Google Career Certificates, designed to create a preferential path precisely in the search for a new job in areas such as data analytics, UX design, project management or for Android developers.

    Google Career Certificates

    Google deliberately speaks of a real "fast track" for the search for a new job. Google takes care of producing the certification or offering the necessary training channel. What Google is carrying out in the States, in Italy is available through ReteInformaticaLavoro, for example, with the specific purpose of putting training and work on the same level to allow the best opportunities to emerge in the most effective and rapid way possible.

    The question "skill”Will be crucial for those looking for work in the coming years: the profound acceleration of the dynamics of digitization will bring greater pressure on every single sector, requiring skills on which until now had not always bet with equal incisiveness. Obtaining Google certifications will allow access to a range of opportunities that groups such as Deloitte, Bayer, Accenture, Verizon, Walmart, Intel, Snapchat, as well as Google itself are already tapping.

    At the same time, Google is re-adapting its engine to facilitate job search based on the qualification already achieved: even the "no degree" category will be able to find related results, collecting the material made available by the groups involved in the placement to favor the meeting between those looking for and those offering work.

    Years of profound restructuring of the labor market are about to arrive and no one will be excluded from the dynamics of this transformation: Google, at the center of the concept of "search", intends to preside over the field with the resources it is capable of.

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