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    Google and smart working: space / time, hybrid formula

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    As the world tries to turn the hourglass of the pandemic, in the hope that the waning phase towards solving the problem can begin, the world of companies is reorganizing itself across the challenging border line of the smart working. In fact, we have repeatedly stressed that it is not only a regulatory or organizational issue, but also a cultural one: both the company and the worker must find a new meeting point and a new code of understanding, looking for the best solutions to make work agile. profitable and, at the same time, without laces that could harness its advantages. Ericsson's signing yesterday, today the announcement of Google, all within a flow of negotiations that in the long term will greatly affect future employment policies.

    Google and the hybrid formula

    Among the lines of greatest interest that emerge from the announcement by Sundar Pichai, CEO of the Mountain View group, there is the idea of ​​a hybrid approach to the topic, with smart working that would be organically integrated into the working methods contemplated by the group. But with an additional nuance that is certainly not insignificant: making a working method really “smart” does not mean acting only on times, but also on spazi. Above all over distances. Google wants to ensure that the company does not lose that wealth that it still sees in the encounter between people, in the mixture of ideas that is based on coexistence, on face to face. This is why the hybrid formula should be enhanced through a more global reorganization that also involves the offices.

    The idea is that of guarantee flexible times, in which the week can include three days in the office and two at home (or elsewhere, at leisure), but at the same time the group intends to seek a greater number of offices in the world to ensure that employees can really have a choice and do not have to completely sacrifice home and family on the altar of professionalism.

    In addition, more employees will be able to work completely from home, with adjustments to compensation based on the cost of living. The methods will therefore be varied, with free choice by employees on the basis of the prospects that the company will prefigure. Those who live in areas still strongly affected by Covid, on the other hand, will have total freedom and Google recommends maximum attention: health first of all, with the group ready to support these "Googlers" in every way.

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