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    ATEAC tip: Google and the ethical development of AI

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    The development of solutions related to the field ofartificial intelligence it must be monitored or at least must be subject to principles of an ethical nature. Among those who think this way there is also Google, which last year put pen to paper the introduction of limits beyond which not to go in the creation of systems based on AI and machine learning. Today the Mountain View group returns to the topic, announcing the creation of an external Board of experts, made up of experts, which will provide feedback and suggestions on the direction to take.

    Advanced Technology External Advisory Council

    Is called ATEAC, in full Advanced Technology External Advisory Council. Ten members are included: Alessandro Acquisti, Bubacarr Bah, De Kai, Dylan Gibbens, Joanna Bryson, Kay Coles James, Luciano Floridi and William Josepho Burns. Two are linked to our country: Acquisti (privacy researcher and lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University) and Luciano Floridi (philosopher and lecturer at the University of Oxford).

    The task of the Consiglio will be to analyze the initiatives and projects implemented by bigG in the territories of application of artificial intelligence, providing society with the necessary feedback to take the right direction. There is talk of technologies such as facial recognition and everything related to machine learning systems, to be trained without inducing algorithms to implement unfair behaviors.

    ATEAC and the development of AI

    Four meetings will be organized in 2019, the first of which is scheduled for April. Reports will then be made publicly available, for the benefit not only of Google, but of the entire industry. In the post announcing the birth of ATEAC, the Mountain View group underlines how its members will express themselves according to their personal visions, without influences from the institutions they belong to.

    The topic is hot: only last year the group had to deal with the protest chorus raised by a considerable number of employees after the announcement of Project Maven, an initiative implemented in collaboration with the US Department of Defense to use AI in the analysis of aerial images captured by US drones in conflict zones. Furthermore, the company has renounced to compete for the tender to obtain the contract relating to Project JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure), aimed at creating a cloud infrastructure through which to manage Pentagon data.

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